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Taxon Family (modern) Accession #
Rhizophora mangle    Rhizophoraceae FLAS 238740
ID history :
  • [Orig. id.:] Rhizophora mangle L.
    Collector/# : José Luis León de la Luz  06137 [coll. with] Doug Goldman
    Date coll. : 24 March 2005
    Locality &
     label text
    : Mexico: Baja California Sur. Shrubby tree 10ft tall, locally common, restricted primarily to the edge of a small tidal creek. On an open mangrove woodland/shrubland in gravelly to sandy loam, nearly adjacent to semi-desert shrubland. With Avicennia germinans, Batis maritima, Laguncularia racemosa, Monanthochloe littoralis and Salicornia sp. To the S. side of Mexico Rt. 11 (road to Pichilingue), just S. of the intersection of Rt. 11 and the road to the thermoelectric plant, around 0.5mi N. of Punta Prieta and around 5 air miles N. of La Paz. Elev. 0ft. 24° 13' 54"N, 110° 18' 22"W. UTM 12 570466E, 2680058N (NAD83/WGS84).
    Notes : [Label heading:] Harvard University, Gray Herbarium (GH)
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