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Taxon Family (modern) Accession #
Asemeia violacea    Polygalaceae FLAS 235765
ID history :
  • [Orig. id.:] Polygala grandiflora Walter
    Collector/# : J. Richard Abbott  21070 [coll. with] Walter S. Judd, J. Dan Skean, Reuben Judd
    Date coll. : 14 June 2006
    Locality &
     label text
    : Dominican Republic: Prov. Monte Cristi. below the Morro de Monte Cristi, just above beach. Elev. 20 m Coastal thickets (very open, shrubby), with Passiflora suberosa, Coccoloba, Croton, Prosopis juliflora, Acacia tortuosa, Caesalpinia, Borrichia arborescens, Guapira brevipetiolata, Lantana involucrata, Melochia, Erithalis, Ziziphus, Guaiacum officinale, Lycium, Limonium bahamense var. haitense, Pisonia rotundata, Stigmaphyllon periplocifolium, Gundlachia corymbosa. Roots with methyl saliylate smell; leaves ascending-erect; flowers pale pinkish, lip with yellow-green near tip. Lat. 1953'34.5"N Long. 7139'25.7"W Datum: WGS84.
    Notes : [Label note:] DNA voucher
    Images :
    [sheet (flowering/fruiting)]
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