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Taxon Family (modern) Accession #
Ludwigia microcarpa    Onagraceae FLAS 234839
ID history :
  • [Orig. id.:] Ludwigia microcarpa Michx.
    Collector/# : J. Richard Abbott  20613
    Date coll. : 6 Sep 2005
    Locality &
     label text
    : United States: Florida: Gilchrist County. Suwannee River Water Management District property; 47 Bridge Tract; SE of junction of FL 47 and the Santa Fe River; access gate ca 1 km S of bridge, then ca 1 km E and SE along access roads, then N. Highly degraded bottomland forest (some spots may have been mosaic with xeric hammock); heavily logged, some spots dense regenerating thickets, others very open; this spot with Carya aquatica, Celtis laevigata, Sideroxylon reclinatum, Smilax spp., Sageretia minutiflora, Cephalanthus occidentalis, Panicum anceps, Campsis radicans, Phyla nodiflora, Eustachys glauca, Sisyrinchium angustifolium, Paspalum notatum, Ipomoea pandurata, Ilex decidua, Ampelopsis arborea. Mostly prostrate, some stems laxly erect; common. Lat. 2951'12.8"N Long. 8243'50.7"W Datum: WGS83.
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