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Taxon Family (Engler) Accession #
Taxodium distichum    Taxodiaceae FLAS 233513
ID history :
  • [Orig. id.:] Taxodium distichum (L.) L. Rich.
    Collector/# : J. Richard Abbott  24782 [coll. with] Barbara S. Carlsward
    Date coll. : 26 May 2008
    Locality &
     label text
    : United States: Florida: Alachua County. Gainesville, University of Florida campus, northeastern edge of Lake Alice, just south off Museum Road. Marshy edge of lake, seasonally flooded here, currently exposed, and grassy bank leading to sidewalk; with Micromeria brownei, Alternanthera philoxeroides, Cardamine pensylvanica, Eichhornia crassipes, Acer rubrum, Mikania scandens, Salix caroliniana, Eupatorium compositifolium, Carex longii, Cyperus polystachyos, C. surinamensis, C. virens, Poa annua, Modiola caroliniana, Phyla nodiflora, Calyptocarpus vialis, Colocasia esculenta, Hydrocotyle ranunculoides, H. umbellata, Zizaniopsis miliacea, Scirpus tabernaemontani, Echinochloa colona, Eclipta prostrata. Tree over 10 m tall; cones green; possibly planted, but with numerous seedlings nearby. Lat. 2938'41"N Long. 8221'35.1"W Datum: WGS84.
    Images :
    [sheet (w/ cones)]
    Stable URL : https://www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/herbarium/cat/search.asp?accno=233513

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