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Taxon Family (modern) Accession #
Ruellia caroliniensis    Acanthaceae FLAS 208073
ID history :
  • [Orig. id.:] Ruellia caroliniensis (J.F.Gmel.) Steud. [Det.:] SBD
    Collector/# : S. Barry Davis  289
    Date coll. : 15 April 2002
    Locality &
     label text
    : United States: Florida: Alachua County. N29.61364, W082.40780 (Map Datum WGS84) (S21,T10S,R19E) Kanapaha Botanical Gardens; along the walkway near the turnoff to the wooden boardwalk on Lake Kanapaha. Shady area under tall trees. Plants erect. Flowers in the upper leaf axiles exceed the new growth above them. Flowers have 5 very light blue petals and 4 white stamens slightly exceeding the corolla tube.
    Notes : [Common name:] "Wild Petunia; Carolina Wild Petunia"
    [Label footing:] Voucher for: Floristic Inventory of Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.
    Images :
    Stable URL : https://www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/herbarium/cat/search.asp?accno=208073

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