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Taxon Family (modern) Accession #
Bambusa multiplex    Poaceae FLAS 150732
ID history :
  • [Orig. id.:] Bambusa multiplex cv. Alphonse Karr Young
    Collector/# : S.M. Young  189
    Date coll. : 1 Oct 1983
    Locality &
     label text
    : United States: Florida: Alachua County. Cultivated at Kanapaha Botanical Garden, SW 63rd Blvd., Gainesville. Clump dense, about 2.5 m in diam. Rhizome determinate. New shoots present. Young internodes glabrous below culm leaf but with sparse, antrorse dark hairs on upper half, the hairs most dense just below the node, thin whitish glacous bloom throughout, dull yellow with green stipes. Mature internode glabrous to slightly scabrous below to scabrous above, black hairs persistent below node. Young nodes glabrous, dull yellow with glaucous bloom, nodal ridge not prominent. Mature nodes without bloom. Culm leaves: sheath tardily deciduous, dark green with a few yellow stripes and covered with a thin whitish bloom when young, soon drying to tan, branches sometimes extravaginal; blade tan and papery, persistent, erect. One main branch, up to 2 m long, two secondary branches and many smaller branches arising from the node. Branch leaves dark green with light, bluish-green undersides.
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    Stable URL : https://www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/herbarium/cat/search.asp?accno=150732

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