frog sitting on leaf

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Southern Chorus Frog

Southern Chorus Frog Scientific name: Pseudacris nigrita These small, stout frogs have bumpy skin and spotted markings that are ideal camouflage…Read More

Pine barrens treefrog

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Pine Barrens Treefrog

Pine Barrens Treefrog Scientific name: Hyla andersonii These distinctly marked green frogs are a Florida species of special concern, meaning their…Read More

Ornate chorus frog

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Ornate Chorus Frog

Ornate Chorus Frog Scientific name: Pseudacris ornata These stout frogs have very strong markings, and coloring that varies based on…Read More

Green treefrog

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Green Treefrog

Green Treefrog Scientific name: Hyla cinerea These slender green frogs are shy and nocturnal. They eat bugs, live in trees…Read More

barking tree frog

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Barking Treefrog

Barking Treefrog Scientific name: Hyla gratiosa These plump frogs are the largest native tree frogs in Florida. They’re known for…Read More

Squirrel treefrog

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Squirrel Treefrog

Squirrel Treefrog Scientific name: Hyla squirella These slender green frogs are one of the most common found in Florida. They’re…Read More