Stephenie Livingston

Science Writer

stepheni-livingston_b-w-portraitStephenie specializes in communicating science and focuses on telling stories of global and national interest. Before working for 3 years as the Florida Museum’s science writer, she was a general assignment and environmental reporter for small newspapers in North Florida. She is now a Public Relations Specialist for University Relations at UF.

She loves sea turtles, enjoys yoga and listens to entirely too much ‘90s music.

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Ashley Sharpe holding skull

Old teeth, new stories

UF archaeologist uses Chicxulub ‘dinosaur crater’ rocks, prehistoric teeth to track ancient humans These rocks from the Chicxulub 'dinosau...
Florida Museum researcher David Steadman displays a 20,000-year-old American alligator fossil skull from the Ichetucknee River in north Florida. Florida Museum photo by Kristen Grace

A reptilian anachronism

American alligator older than we thought New study also shows it shared ancient Florida with giant crocodiles Florida Museum researcher D...
notharctus translucent crania copy

How did primate brains get so big?

New study sheds light on evolution of human, ape intelligence Virtual brains reconstructed from ancient, kiwi-sized primate skulls could he...

George Washington’s little buttercup

How an extinct ancestor of buttercups and poppies is helping solve Darwin’s 'abominable mystery' An ancient relative of buttercups, the ne...
Red frog

Deadly fungus threatens African frogs

Misty mountains, glistening forests and blue-green lakes make Cameroon, the wettest part of Africa, a tropical wonderland for amphibians. ...
Two divers explore the ornately decorated Cascade Room in Dan's Cave.

Protecting a sunken ancient world

How the formation of a new national park in the Bahamas was driven by science Two divers explore the ornately decorated Cascade Room in Da...