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Natalie van Hoose is the science writer for the Florida Museum of Natural History, based at the University of Florida. Previously, she covered research news for Purdue University’s College of Agriculture, writing about a range of subjects, from how climate change could impact food security to what makes a lichen.

Now at the Florida Museum, her beat involves less corn acreage and more mastodons. Still, many of the grand challenges of science remain the same: How can studying the climate conditions of millions of years ago help us prepare for our changing climate now and anticipate its effects? How do we slow the spread of invasive species? And how do we conserve genetic diversity for the future?

As the museum’s science writer, she strives to communicate research in clear, compelling ways for the public and policymakers, maintain institutional transparency and solid reporting standards, and inspire people to care about life on Earth.

A native of Cocoa Beach, she graduated from UF with a bachelor’s in English and a minor in entomology. She also earned a Master’s of Fine Arts in creative writing from Purdue.

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