Two new publications are in print as of April, 2019: a chapter by Karen Walker, Bill Marquardt, Lee Newsom, and Merald Clark on waterlogged deposits found at the Pineland Site Complex, and a chapter by Bill Marquardt on wooden figurines found mostly in South Florida.

new book cover
New book features chapter about Pineland.

Both were published in Iconography and Wetsite Archaeology of Florida’s Watery Realms, a book available from the University of Florida Press. Waterlogged archaeological deposits offer extraordinary preservation of organic materials such as wood, netting, cordage, fish scales, and seeds that rarely survive in dry deposits unless they have been burned. Waterlogged materials help us understand the daily lives of past people and how their environments changed through time.

A copy of the new book has been ordered for the RRC library at the Ruby Gill house. Meanwhile, photocopies of the two chapters are already on file there for anyone who wishes to read them. Our research was also represented at the Society for American Archaeology meetings in Albuquerque, with co-authored papers on Pineland and a poster presented by Karen and colleagues on recent research on mullet remains.