silhouette of a wedding couple kissing under a chuppa at the beach (officiant in background)

A micro-wedding is usually defined as a wedding with 50 guests or fewer, but is more often around the 10-to-25 guest mark. A micro-wedding is not an elopement. It is a full wedding, just more streamlined and manageable than most traditional weddings. The movement of micro-weddings has been trending over the past couple years, but will probably become even more popular post-COVID-19 as smaller gatherings with plenty of social distancing become the norm.

Reasons to consider a micro-wedding:

  • They have more simplified timelines and require you to focus on the essentials, eliminating much of the decision fatigue that comes with traditional wedding planning (hooray for less stress!)
  • You can get creative in your celebrating — couples holding micro-weddings often ditch many of the usual wedding traditions and really make the day their own
  • They open up your venue options — micro-weddings are great for destination weddings or nontraditional venues (restaurants, beaches, parks, museums)
  • You can focus on quality over quantity (you’ll have fewer guests to feed so go ahead and splurge on those fancy apps!)
  • Micro-weddings are much more cost-effective than traditional weddings!


bride and groom kiss while wedding guests holding balloons cheer them onMicro-weddings are still a celebration of love with friends and family — but with much of the stress and expectations removed, couples are able to focus on the important parts of the day with those who are most important to them. And celebrating your love with the people you care about is really what your wedding day is all about anyway, right?