Happy Earth Day!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! The Florida Museum has moved its Earth Day celebration online, and we in the Rentals department wanted join in by showcasing a nifty way that one of our fellow event vendors has gone green.

Photographer Adrienne Fletcher holds a green sign saying "We Are Neutral: This is a carbon neutral business".Meet Adrienne Fletcher Photography!

Adrienne is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Gainesville, Florida. Her full-service studio specializes in personalized, quality portrait experiences.

The environment has always been an important cause to Adrienne, and in 2017 she decided to expand her earth-friendly actions from personal to business by going carbon neutral.

What is “carbon neutral”??

Carbon neutrality is the act of reducing or “neutralizing” your carbon output, usually by planting new trees to offset carbon emissions created by the energy you use. Adrienne works with a Gainesville non-profit called We Are Neutral that performs carbon reductions and offsets by planting longleaf pine trees on conservation land and by weatherizing low-income homes in Alachua County. They also work outside of Alachua County,  researching options in the local market (such as methane abatement in landfills) and finding the best local carbon offset options for their partners. Every client who works with Adrienne is, in a way, also working to help save the Earth.

Thank you, Adrienne!

We really appreciate having colleagues like Adrienne who care about the environment as much as the Florida Museum does!

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(Pssst… did you know the Florida Gators are also carbon neutral?)