GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Florida Museum of Natural History visitors can learn about climate change and its effects on global landmarks in the new “Our Changing Climate: Culture at Risk” exhibition.

Climate and Culture
Informational panels show the importance of cultural sites and the effects that climate change is having on these landmarks. ©Florida Museum photo by Kaitlin Gardiner

Now open, this free exhibit highlights the importance of archaeological and modern heritage sites and the threats they face from climate change. A large map displays the location of iconic places at risk, such as Stonehenge, Venice, Italy, and the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. High-resolution images show the sites with information on their vulnerability to various climate effects. An iPad allows visitors to interact with NASA’s Climate Time Machine, which visualizes changes in sea ice, sea level, carbon dioxide levels and global temperatures.

“Although we only highlight a few examples, there are thousands of culturally significant sites, monuments and buildings worldwide that are already vulnerable,” said Florida Museum exhibit coordinator Julie Waters. “I hope this exhibit inspires our visitors to do what they can to protect them before their history is lost forever.”

The exhibit is part of the “Our Changing Climate” series which focuses on world issues that influence people’s daily lives. Previous exhibits in the series featured sea level rise and the past and present changes in Earth’s climate.

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