Dung beetle on dung ballGAINESVILLE, Fla. — Poop. Poo. Doo-doo. No 2. No matter what you call it, Florida Museum of Natural History visitors will soon be able to learn all about it at the new featured exhibit “The Scoop on Poop!”

Beginning Jan. 27, 2018, “The Scoop on Poop! The Science of What Animals Leave Behind,” leads visitors on an investigation of what poop is and how animals and humans use it.

“Poop is a topic that isn’t usually talked about, and we’re excited to host an exhibit that teaches the science behind this important biological process,” said Julie Waters, Florida Museum exhibit developer.

Based on the popular children’s book by Dr. Wayne Lynch, the traveling exhibit features many interactive components, including 3-D models, dung beetle races where visitors can push a dung ball and race their beetles to the finish line and a MicroEye interactive allowing guests to examine the world of tiny poop like caterpillar frass. Other interactive displays include the opportunity to examine fecal samples in a lab setting and listen to an animal’s digestive system.

“The exhibit is designed in a way that you can easily find the topics that interest you,” Waters said. “Maybe you want to know more about a certain animal and how its poop plays a role in the ecosystem, maybe you want to learn more about what scientists learn from the dung that’s left behind – there is something for everyone.”

Guests will also have the rare opportunity to view fossilized feces, known as coprolites, from the Poozeum, the world’s largest private collection of coprolites and online resource center. The Florida Museum will also supplement the exhibit with its own alligator coprolites.

The exhibit explains how animals use poop to build homes, hide from enemies, attract mates, send messages and cool off. It also discusses ways veterinarians, farmers, paleontologists, Maasai tribesmen and power companies use poop.

Admission to “The Scoop on Poop!” is $7.50 for adults ($6.50 for Florida residents, seniors and college students); $5 for ages 3-17 and free to museum members and UF students with a valid Gator 1 card.

The Florida Museum will display the exhibit through May 6, 2018. “The Scoop on Poop!” was created by Peeling Productions at Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland, Allenwood, Pennsylvania.

For more information, visit www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/exhibits/scoop or call 352-846-2000.


Writer: Claudia Perez Brito, 352-273-2032, printern@flmnh.ufl.edu
Source: Julie Waters, 352-273-2073, jmwaters@flmnh.ufl.edu
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