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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Examine collections from across the region during the 33rd annual Collectors Day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Jan. 21 at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

At this free event, visitors may see more than 90 collections ranging from U.S. military uniforms and Beatles memorabilia to classic cars and dolls.

“Each collection is a representation of recent history, culture and passions,” said Florida Museum education assistant Tiffany Ireland “Just as archaeologists study the artifacts from centuries ago, Collectors Day visitors can study the artifacts of the past century.”

Visitors may interact with collectors and discover the history behind their unique treasures.

“With the 100th anniversary of its sinking on April 15, the Titanic memorabilia collection is one visitors should be sure to see,” Ireland said.

Collectors Day is the museum’s longest running program and it has become an important event for many of the participants.

In memory of his wife, who passed away in November, Chuck Olsen of Gainesville will present her light house collection, which has been displayed at Collectors Day for the last 16 years.

During the 2011 Collectors Day event, 87 participants shared their treasures with more than 2,500 visitors.

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Source: Tiffany Ireland, 352-273-2061, tireland@flmnh.ufl.edu
Writer: Leeann Bright
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