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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — The Florida Museum of Natural History will host John Moran’s “Journal of Light: A Photographer’s Search for the Soul of Florida” traveling exhibit from Sept. 24 – Jan. 2, 2006. The exhibit features more than 50 color photographs of Florida wildlife and environments with an emphasis on Florida waters.

The exhibit is based on Moran’s popular book, “Journal of Light: The Visual Diary of a Florida Nature Photographer,” a 20-year collection of photos and essays published in 2004. Inside the exhibit guests will view alligators’ eyes glowing at dusk, crystal-clear springs, silhouettes against sunsets and sandhill cranes dancing to their own tunes. Other images include the Florida beaches, black-water rivers, palms, live oaks, turtles, flowers and night-time landscapes that make Florida a natural gem.

“Truly a universal language, photography can help us better understand and appreciate the many gifts of nature bestowed upon this great state we call home,” Moran said.

With each photograph of natural Florida, Moran attempts to capture his vision of how Florida once appeared to Ponce de Leon and other early settlers in the state.

“My goal is to show people the Florida they’ve never seen,” Moran said. “Or else I want to show them familiar Florida in a new way.”

After 23 years working as a photographer, writer and editor for The Gainesville Sun, Moran began photographing Florida full-time in 2003. His work has appeared in numerous books and magazines, including “National Geographic,” “Life,” “Time” and the “National Audubon Society Field Guide to Florida.” The National Press Photographers Association also named him “Photographer of the Year” for the Southeastern United States.

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