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Family: Assimineidae

Dominamaria Genus: Dominamaria

Family: Camaenidae

Apoecus Genus: Apoecus
Chloritis Genus: Chloritis
Discoconcha Genus: Discoconcha
Eustomopsis Genus: Eustomopsis
Ganesella Genus: Ganesella
Letitia Genus: Letitia
Megalacron Genus: Megalacron
Meliobba Genus: Meliobba
Papuina Genus: Papuina
Papustyla Genus: Papustyla
Rhynchotrochus Genus: Rhynchotrochus
Sulcobasis Genus: Sulcobasis

Family: Charopidae

Paryphantopsis Genus: Paryphantopsis

Family: Helicarionidae

Dendrotrochus Genus: Dendrotrochus
Euplecta Genus: Euplecta
Hunsteinia Genus: Hunsteinia
Naninia Genus: Naninia

Family: Pupinidae

Pupinella Genus: Pupinella

Family: Rhytididae

Ouagapia Genus: Ouagapia

Family: Trochomorphidae

Trochomorpha Genus: Trochomorpha