Vision Statement

It is a goal of the PCP PIRE to teach at least one formal course each Fall and Spring semester during the five-year period of the NSF-funding. We then plan for some of these courses (e.g., Broader Impacts) to become institutionalized at UF (University of Florida). In order to encourage distance "e-learning," it is anticipated that each PIRE PCP course will be taught as needed via videoconferencing (VTC), with Polycom nodes at UF, STRI and possibly other partner institutions. The goal of the e-learning educational component of the PCP PIRE is to break down geographic barriers: For example, a PCP PIRE student living in Panama can do their field research and related outreach activities in-country while also "attending" UF classes via VTC.

Being a large, diverse multi-college university, UF has many other relevant course offerings in STEM content fields (e.g., anthropology, biology, geological sciences), area studies (Latin American Center, Spanish), and "plus" courses (e.g., journalism and science education), the latter for PCP PIRE students opting to pursue non-traditional these and dissertations.

For a complete list of graduate course offerings, see the graduate catalog.