Volume 3, Number 10 (December 2013)

People: "Working with PCP PIRE Teach - A Refreshing and Enjoyable Journey" --Jeff Gage
By Claudia Grant| PCP PIRE Staff

International: Collaborations that Lead to 20 Million Year Old Discoveries
By Aaron Wood | PCP PIRE Project Manager

Research: Pleistocene Proboscideans from the Pearl Islands
By Gary Morgan | PCP PIRE Co-Principal Investigator

Education & Outreach: PCP PIRE Teach and Professional Development for STEM Teachers
By Claudia Grant | PCP PIRE Staff

Volume 3, Number 9 (November 2013)

People: Paleontologist in progress
By Elena Stiles | PCP PIRE intern

International: The perfect step after college graduation
By Sarah Widlansky | PCP PIRE intern

Research: What a fossil skull can tell about dugong’s food
By Aaron Wood | PCP PIRE Post Doc and Project Manager

Education & Outreach: Going back to school
By Catalina Pimiento | PCP PIRE PhD Candidate

Volume 3, Number 8 (October 2013)

People: PCP PIRE All Hands meeting 2013 participant comments

International: At the All Hands 2013 “se habla español”
Luz Helena Oviedo | PCP PIRE former graduate student

Research, Education & Outreach: PCP PIRE All Hands Meeting 2013 Research Highlights

Volume 3, Number 7 (September 2013)

People: Back to School: Inspired by Science Teachers
By Claudia Grant | PCP PIRE Web Designer and eCommunications Coordinator

International: Paleontological journey
Christina Byrd | PCP PIRE former intern

Research: What’s at the bottom of the Panama Canal?
By Austin Hendy | PCP PIRE Senior Research Associate

Education & Outreach: Science and art, Panama fossils and inspiration
By Laura Beach | Soquel High School Biology Teacher Santa Cruz, CA

Volume 3, Number 6 (August 2013)

People: First Mining Engineer in Panama
By Pastora Franceschi

International: My first trip to Panama
By Jeff Gage | Florida Museum of Natural History Photographer

Research: Miocene microvertebrates from Panama
By Gary Morgan | PCP PIRE Principal Investigator

Education & Outreach: An educator’s experiences in Panama
By Jill Madden | Pajaro Valley Middle School Science Educator - Santa Cruz, CA

Volume 3, Number 5 (June-July 2013)

People: Transitions
By Bruce MacFadden | PCP PIRE Principal Investigator

International: An intern’s retrospective
By Erik Fredrickson | PCP PIRE Intern

Research: Research in Azuero
By Diego Ramírez | PCP PIRE Graduate Student

Education & Outreach: And we do it again: K-12 teachers going to Panama
By Claudia Grant | PCP PIRE Project Assistant

Volume 3, Number 4 (May 2013)

People: Paleontology in my life
by Sara Vásquez – Undergraduate Student, University of Panama

International: The best Christmas present
by Luz Helena Oviedo | PCP PIRE Graduate Student

Research: Creating the virtual fossil record of Panama
by Austin Hendy | PCP PIRE Post Doctoral Associate

Education & Outreach: Behind the scenes look at BioMuseo Panama
by Chanika Symister | PCP PIRE Research Assistant

Volume 3, Number 3 (April 2013)

People: I’m Jorge Velez-Juarbe, and this is my story
by Jorge Velez-Juarbe – PCP PIRE postdoctoral associate

International: First time in Panama
by Julia Tejada | PCP PIRE Graduate Student

Research: Fossil snakes from Panama
by Jason Head | PCP PIRE research associate, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Education & Outreach: At the elbows of scientists: Shaping science teachers’ thinking about inquiry teaching
by Cheryl MacLaughlin | PCP PIRE grad student

Volume 3, Number 2 (March 2013)

People: Meet the new interns-Spring 2013
by Erik Fredrickson, Nicole Ridgwell and Samantha Couper

International: Paleontology goes for a ride in Medellín
by Luz Helena Oviedo | PCP PIRE Graduate Student

Research: Open Access and PCP PIRE Publications
by Bruce J. MacFadden | PCP PIRE Principal Investigator-Project Director

Education & Outreach: PCP PIRE at "Titanoboa: Monster Snake" Opening
by Chanika Symister | PCP PIRE Research Assistant

Volume 3, Number 1 (February 2013)

People: Chasing the patterns of past climate
by Pierre Sepulchre | PCP PIRE Research associate

International: Panama fossils get rescued by diplomats too
By Aaron Wood, PhD. | PCP-PIRE Post-Doctoral Associate and Intern Supervisor

Research: Ancient dolphins in Panama
by Jorge Velez-Juarbe | PCP PIRE Post-doctoral associate

Education & Outreach: From field trip to the classroom
By Jill Holiday | PCP PIRE K-12 outreach coordinator