We are all connected in the Tree of Life, and the loss of any species impacts us all and threatens life on our planet. We also can help protect and enhance life not only for the good of our giant family tree, but for our own health and well-being.

What can you do right now to make a difference? Become a TreeTender! 

You can start by taking care of your own backyard and supporting natural lands in your community. Your yard is an ecosystem teeming with life, and you can help tend the Tree of Life by protecting biodiversity around your home. Parks and conservation areas in local neighborhoods also provide critical habitat for species to thrive.

It’s easy. Here are four simple ways you can make a big difference, with resources to help you get started:

Grow native plants.

native flowers

Protect pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

bee on flowers

Be a buddy to birds and bats.

wild birds perched

Support conservation organizations’ efforts to protect wild lands for future generations.

alligator in pond

Here are other things you can do every day to support biodiversity: