The One Tree, One Planet series celebrates Earth’s rich diversity of animals, plants and microbes represented by the Tree of Life, the immense network of relationships that links all living things.

One Tree One Planet logoThe message of the series is simple: We’re all related.

University of Florida scientists have teamed up with renowned artists to create two multimedia art pieces inspired by the Tree of Life. These presentations premiered at the Florida Museum in November, 2017, and will be followed by more events periodically.

Discover how you are connected to all life forms with which we share our planet, and get inspired with ways you can help protect life on Earth.

One Tree, One Planet: All Life Is One

One Tree, One Planet: All Life Is One is an interactive outdoor projection by internationally acclaimed artist Naziha Mestaoui that depicts the Tree of Life on the west exterior wall of the Harn Museum of Art. The projection zooms into the Tree’s many branches, alighting on unique examples of life.


TreeTender is a short, animated film by James Oliverio and his team at the UF Digital Worlds Institute. The movie follows the adventures of Gaia on her first day as the “TreeTender,” the caretaker of the Tree of Life. With the help of a savvy robot assistant, Gaia travels through time and across the Tree’s massive branches, learning how all life is connected.