Specify Credentials

Logging into Specify on a machine for the first time requires a username, password, and an encrypted master key. The application will cache the encrypted key in your user profile for subsequent logins on the machine. Store the key in a safe place to which only you have access, as you will need it each time you logon to a new machine and after certain machine or application updates.

Login to Specify for the First Time

The Specify login screen will be blank the first time you open it.

Specify login screen at first launch
Figure 1

Click the triangle beside “More Information,” highlighted in figure 1, to expand the screen and show all fields.

Specify login screen expanded
Figure 2

Complete the Username, Password, Database, and Server fields, as illustrated in figure 2. You will need to type the database name and server address the first time. The dropdown list shows the the history of what you have previously typed into these fields. It does not display a list of available databases or servers. You may optionally check the “Remember Username” box for the login screen to remember the last used username.

The value for the Database field is specific to the collection. Your database name will be provided with your credentials. The Server address is the same for all collections at the Florida Museum. Please note the database server is accessible to Museum networks only. A Museum VPN connection is required for remote access.

Click the Login button after completing the fields.

Specify missing credentials prompt
Figure 3

Specify will prompt you for the missing credential of your key, as illustrated in figure 3. Click continue.


Specify master key entry screen
Figure 4

Enter your key into the Encrypted Username/Password field, as illustrated in figure 4. If you are copying and pasting your key, check that no spaces are selected in the front or at the end of the key. The key must be entered with no leading or trailing spaces.  Click the Continue button and Specify will complete the login.

Specify will cache the key in your user profile and you will need to enter only your username and password for future logins on the machine.

How to Change Your Specify Password