Computer StorageOn June 28th, UFIT is switching the Museum shared drives to a new storage system in its datacenters. At 5pm, UFIT will remove access to our shared drives to begin the final copy and synchronization. The job is expected to run overnight and, upon successful completion, OMT will update drive mappings (N:, U:, etc..) and DFS paths (…) to the new storage endpoints. We expect access to be restored by mid-morning on Wednesday, June 29th and will send an email announcement with instructions when the process is complete.

To prevent loss or corruption of your data, please ensure all files stored on Museum network drives are closed prior to 5pm on Tuesday, June 28th. In an abundance of caution, we suggest that everyone reboot their computer to ensure all file locks are released as some operating systems will maintain file locks several minutes after the file has been closed. We ask that supervisors please confirm with their staff that all department files are closed prior to the deadline to prevent data loss or file corruption.  Please pay special attention to shared workstations, as many users prefer to lock the workstation or switch users between their shifts rather than logging out.

N: and U: drives and paths under \\\FLMNH are affected on Windows workstations. Network connections starting with smb:// are affected on Apple workstations. Cloud storage in OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, and Teams is not affected, nor is storage on Research Computing resources such as HPC.

We thank everyone in advance for their patience and cooperation as we work with UFIT to complete this migration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for the migration?

A: Please close any files that are stored on the Museum Network Drives before 5pm on June 28th.  We suggest that you reboot your computer at that time to ensure any file locks are released.

Q: Will all of my files transfer over?

A: All of your files should transfer over.  After the migration, if you think files are missing, please create a Help Desk ticket at OMT will have visibility into the old storage system for a few weeks after the migration date.

Q: Will there be any changes to the names of files or folders?

A: In rare circumstances, your file or folder name may contain a disallowed character (like ending in a space or period), or that the total pathname is too long. What is and isn’t allowed in file and folder names has evolved significantly over the years and we have many files and folders that were created long ago on systems with different requirements. Trivial corrections, such as removing a trailing space or period, will be made on the fly, but OMT will reach out to coordinate more complicated corrections with data custodians.

Q: What if my question has not been answered?

A: Open a Help Desk ticket at