Concrete5: Adding Pages and Approving Content

Learn how to add, move and delete pages on your site. (Note: Not all users will have permission to do this.) Some users will be required to have someone approve their page changes before their edits are live on the public website. This review process is called "workflow" in Concrete5. Learn how to submit your page changes for approval, or how to approve those changes if you are reviewing edits for others.

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Concrete5 - Adding, Moving and Deleting Pages

Learn how to add a new page to your site. Moving pages in the Sitemap will change the order they appear on your site's side menu. You can also delete pages, but will lose access to them once they are moved to the Trash.

Topics Covered:
0:00 - intro
0:20 - order of site map matches the site menu order
0:48 - starting the Add Page process
1:00 - selecting a Page Type (choose Main)
1:15 - choosing a name for the page (this is how it will appear in menu list)
1:40 - URL auto-generation
2:00 - reasons and methods for choosing a custom URL
3:05 - rules for custom URLs (no spaces or characters other than dashes)
3:42 - public date/time
4:00 - description text (this is shown on search engine results, but not the page itself)
4:45 - excluding pages from navigation
5:40 - new page is now available in the Sitemap and the page menu
6:18 - rearranging the page order using drag & drop (reflected on page menu too)
6:55 - creating sub-pages below other menu items
7:35 - deleting pages (you will lose access once it is moved to system trash)

Download step-by-step instructions (PDF) 

Concrete5 - Submitting Page Edits for Approval

Some users will be required to have their page edits reviewed before they are live on the website. In Concrete5, this process is called “workflow.” This video will show you how to edit a page and submit it for workflow so it can be approved.

Topics Covered:
0:00 - intro
0:35 - navigate to page the page you'd like to edit
1:05 -- put page in editing mode and make changes
1:35 -- add a meaningful version comment
2:18 -- submit page to workflow/approval
2:55 -- your change is not reflected on public website until it is approved

Download step-by-step instructions (PDF)

Concrete5 - Approving Page Changes Submitted through Workflow

Learn how to approve changes submitted by other users in the Concrete5 workflow system.

Topics Covered:
0:00 – intro
0:20 – email notification of change request
0:45 – finding the “Waiting for Me” link in the Dashboard
1:12 – comparing page versions
2:30 – approving a page when no additional edits are necessary
2:40 – what to do when submitted page still needs further edits
3:40 – what happens if you cancel submitted changes
4:10 – approving changes and then adding your own edits
4:50 – add your own version comment, submit to workflow and immediately approve it
5:30 – verifying your edits have been made

Download step-by-step instructions (PDF)