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January 21, 3p.m.:

Speaker: Chris Barratt
Institution: German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research
Title: Environmental genomics to understand past and future biodiversity responses to global change
Description: I am a conservation biologist with a strong focus on population genomics and species distribution modelling, in my research I use bio- and ecoinformatic approaches to model how populations within species respond differently to changing environmental conditions. In line with this theme I’ll present two ongoing projects: in part one I will show how I am using paleoclimate and whole exome sequencing data to understand how intraspecific diversity in chimpanzees has been influenced by paleoclimatic change since the Pleistocene. In part two I’ll introduce a new project that assesses the adaptive capacity of populations within species and quantifies their vulnerability under future global change in a novel climate change vulnerability assessment framework.
Host: Greg Jongsma

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