The Ripley P. Bullen Award For Student Excellence In Florida/Circum-Caribbean Anthropology Research honors long-time Florida Museum of Natural History curator in archaeology, Ripley Bullen. The award recognizes a University of Florida undergraduate or graduate student for excellence in research in the anthropology of Florida or the Caribbean Basin, including the Caribbean islands, Mexico, Central America, and northern South America.

The Bullen Award is funded primarily through the Louis C. and Jane Gapenski Endowed Fellowship. Support the Bullen Award by making a gift to the Gapenski Endowment.


The student must be or must have been guided by a curator, collection manager, or research scientist at the Florida Museum of Natural History, and preference is given to those students who have spent a significant portion of their scholastic career doing research in the Florida Museum’s programs and collections. Current students as well as former students within one year of receiving their degree are eligible.


Applications are evaluated by the Florida Museum of Natural History University Teaching Committee. The nomination should include the following:

  1. A letter from a Florida Museum sponsor (faculty/collection manager/research scientist) which clearly describes: a) the research completed while under the guidance of the Museum sponsor and its significance; b) the nominee’s contribution to and use of Museum collections/programs; c) any other meritorious activities of the nominee in association with the Florida Museum.
  2. The nominee’s curriculum vitae and an optional, short (<1 page) statement from the nominee addressing the issues listed above.
  3. Copies of one to three publications that show evidence of research excellence and that are based at least in part on research conducted during the nominee’s time at the Florida Museum. Acceptable alternatives include a thesis or dissertation, or a paper that has been submitted or is in press.

Nominations for these awards are generally solicited from Florida Museum faculty and staff supervisors early in the Spring semester and nominations should be sent to the chair of the University Teaching Committee. All documents should be included as electronic attachments if possible.

Bullen Award Winners

2022 – Trevor Duke

2021 – Lisa G. Duffy

2020 – Nicolas Delsol

2019 – Brittany A. Mistretta

2018 – Arianne Boileau, Nathan R. Lawres

2017 – Mark Donop

2016 – Meggan Blessing

2015 – Zackary Gilmore

2014 – Jeffrey Vadala

2013 – Ashley Sharpe

2012 – Joost Morsink

2011 – Nicole Cannarozzi

2010 – Michelle LeFebvre

2009 – Erin Thornton

2008 – Jane Anne Blakney-Bailey

2007 -Reniel Rodriguez

2006 – Ethan Cole

2005 – Gifford Waters

1998 – Donna L. Ruhl

1979 – Timothy A. Kohler, Elizabeth J. Reitz

1977 – Arlene Fradkin

1975 – Stpehen L. Cumbaa

1974 – Kathleen A. Deagan