The Florida Museum research building hosts a rotating exhibit highlighting recent student research guided by a Florida Museum mentor. Posters are on display at Dickinson Hall for one semester and then permanently archived on this website.

Contact information for current Museum graduate students is available on the Graduate Student Directory, through links to the University of Florida departments, or via the Florida Museum mentors.

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2019 Duke poster

Mortuary Spaces as Social Power: Ceramic Exchange and Burial Practice at Safford Mound (8PI3)

Student Author: C. Trevor Duke1

Florida Museum Research Mentors: Neill J. Wallis, and Ann S. Cordell1

1Florida Museum of Natural History, UF

2019 Mahar poster

Developing novel allometric equations: from ocean to equation

Student Author: Ginessa J. Mahar

Florida Museum Research Mentor: William Keegan

2019 Woodcock poster

Using Sclerochronology on Caribbean Codakia orbicularis to Determine Season of Capture

Authors: Rachel Woodcock

Florida Museum Research Mentor: William Keegan