The Florida Museum research building hosts a rotating exhibit highlighting recent student research guided by a Florida Museum mentor. Posters are on display at Dickinson Hall for one semester and then permanently archived on this website where available.

Contact information for current Museum graduate students is available on the Graduate Student Directory, through links to the University of Florida departments, or via the Florida Museum mentors.

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OntoPilot: new software to simplify and accelerate ontology development and deployment in automated reasoning pipelines

Authors: Brian J. Stucky1, Ramona L. Walls3, John Deck3 and Robert Guralnick1

1Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida; 2CyVerse, University of Arizona; 3University of California, Berkeley

To the Caribbean and beyond: complete mitogenomes of ancient guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus) as a proxy for human interaction in the Late Ceramic Age

Authors: Edana Lord1, Susan deFrance2, Michelle LeFebvre2, Catherine Collins1, and Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith1

1University of Otago; 2University of Florida

Dynamics of niche evolution in the Saxifragales

Authors: Ryan A. Folk, Doug E. Soltis, Pam S. Soltis, and Robert Guralnick

Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida

Toward automated identification of Chagas Disease vectors

Authors: Hannah L. Owens1, Edward Komp2, Janine M. Ramsey Willowquet3, Rodrigo Gurgel Gonçalves4, Jarrett Mellenbruch5, Lindsay O. Campbell6, David A. Moo Llanes3, Cleber Galvão7, A. Townsend Peterson6

1Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville FL; 2Information and Telecommunications Technology Center, University of Kansas; 3Centro Regional de Investigación en Salud Pública, Chiapas, Mexico; 4Laboratório de Parasitologia Médica e Biologia de Vetores, Universidade de Brasilia; 5The Kansas City Art Institute; 6Biodiversity Institute, University of Kansas; 7Biodiversidade e Saúde, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz.