Florida Museum of Natural History

Martin Johnson Heade (1819-1904)

Image Gallery 2

As you travel, enjoy these images in museums throughout the United States
magnolia grandiflora
Giant Magnolia on Blue Velvet Cloth, oil. Private Collection
fighting hummingbirds
Two Fighting Hummingbirds with Orchids, oil. Whitney Museum of Art
Flag Sunset
two owls
Two Owls at Sunset, oil. Kennedy Galleries
orchids hummingbirds
Catteleya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds around Nest, oil.
Spouting Rock, Newport. R.I., oil. Vose Galleries
Thunderstorm at The Shore, oil on paper. The Carnegie Museum of Art
Thunderstorm over Narragansett Bay, oil. Amon Carter Museum

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tropical marsh
Tropical Marshes, oil
heade painting
Roses on a Set Palette, oil. Graham
heade painting
Nicaragua, oil
gathering hay
Gathering Hay Before a Thunderstorm. Taggart, Jorgensen & Putnam
Sunset: New Jersey Marshes, oil. Coe Kerr Gallery
heade painting
flowers hummingbirds
Flowers Hummingbirds, watercolor study. St. Augustine Historical Society
yellow flower
Nightblooming Cereus, study, St. Augustine Historical Society
Hummingbird, chromolithograph plate for Gems of Brazil

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