Florida Museum of Natural History

Mark Catesby

Image Gallery 2

As you travel, enjoy these images in museums throughout the United States
Angel Fish
bald eagle
Bald Eagle
blue bird
Blue Bird
blue jay
Blue Jay
bull frog
Bull Frog
cat bird
Cat Bird
corn snake
Corn Snake
fieldfare of carolina
Fieldfare of Carolina
gray fox
Gray Fox
hawks bill turtle
Hawks Bill Turtle
hog nose snake
Hog Nose Snake
king fisher
King Fisher
mock bird
Mock Bird
mocking bird
Mocking Bird
parrot fish
Parrot Fish

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parrot or carolina
Parrot or Carolina
Pigeon of passage
Pigeon of Passage
pol cat
Pol Cat
queen triggerfish
Queen Triggerfish
rattle snake
Rattle Snake
rattle snake
Rattle Snake
rice bird
Rice Bird
summer duck
Summer Duck
umbrella tree
Umbrella Tree
ground squirrel
Ground Squirrel

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