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map of east florida

A Map of East Florida, prepared by William Bartram for his book of Travels published in 1791, one of the first science books printed in this country. The map shows the St. Johns River area of his explorations in 1774.

mico chlucco the long warrior

Mico Chlucco, the Long Warrior, a portrait of the Seminole war chief drawn by William Bartram and engraved for the second edition of the book of Travels, published in London, England, in 1792. Bartram urged the federal government to begin discussions with the Seminoles to avert bloodshed.

map of alachua savannah

The Alachua Savanna, a large wet prairie of approximately 18,000 acres, is as. Bartram has sketched, a mosaic of meadow marsh, ponds, hardwood hammocks (forests), and pine flatwoods-habitats for a large number of animals and plants, including the sandhill crane. The source of this manuscript image, American Philosophical Society was founded in Philadelphia by Benjamin Franklin and John Bartram, William Bartram's father.

spotted turtle

Spotted Turtle (Clemmys guttata), and Corn Snake (Elaphe guttata), drawn in watercolor by William Bartram on one sheet to save paper, shows the naturalist's strengths and weaknesses as an artist. The "Wampon Snake" is swallowing a smaller snake.

morning glory

Morning Glory (Merriama dissecta) in detail exemplifies William Bartram's fine flower drawing.

american lotus

The American Lotus (Nelumbo lutea), a beautiful large aquatic plant admired by William Bartram is shown here with a heron drawn to a different scale.

Unless otherwise noted, William Bartram's drawings are housed at the British Museum (Natural History), London, UK

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