Courses Taught

University of Florida

  • Archaeological Theory
  • Human Ecology
  • Seminar in Economic Archaeology
  • Seminar in Recent Evolutionary Theory
  • Seminar in Contemporary Theory (with Marvin Harris)
  • Problems in Caribbean Prehistory
  • Caribbean Ceramics (with Kathleen Deagan)
  • Research Projects in Social, Cultural, and Applied Anthropology

University of South Carolina

  • Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Seminar in Conservation Archaeology
  • Seminar in Archaeological Research Design and Sampling
  • Graduate Field School in Archaeology

University of California, Los Angeles (Teaching Assistant)

  • World Archaeology
  • Introduction to Social Anthropology
  • Florida Atlantic University (Teaching Assistant)
  • Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Illing Junior High School, Manchester, CT

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth sciences
  • English for learning disability 7th graders


Graduate Students

Pete Sinelli, Ph.D. Candidate
Human colonization of the Bahamas

Reniel Rodríguez Ramos, Ph.D. Candidate
Lithics from prehistoric sites in Puerto Rico


Public Education

Florida Humanities Council Summer Institutes for Teachers:

“First Encounters: Intercultural Contact and Exchange,” Summer Institute for Teachers, Pasco County Board of Education, June 23, 1992.

“Encounters of Culture: Perspectives on the Columbian Quincentenary,” Summer Institute for Teachers, Center for Latin American Studies, UF, June 16, 1992.

“Columbus from a Cross-Cultural Perspective: Summer Institute for Teachers,” Center for Latin American Studies, UF, August 5-9, 1991.

“Spain in the New World: The First Two Centuries,” Summer Institute for Teachers, Museum of Florida History, Tallahassee, FL, June 25, 1991.

Public Lectures (since 1988)

1988: Archaeological Institute of America, Gainesville, FL; Bahamas Historical Society, Nassau, Bahamas; Clay County Historical Society, Green Cove Springs, FL; Sons of the American Revolution, Gainesville, FL; UF Center for Latin American Studies, Gainesville, FL; WUFT radio interview, Gainesville, FL. 1989: Atlantic Undersea Testing and Evaluation Center, Andros, Bahamas; The Village retirement community, Gainesville, FL; Florida Museum of Natural History, Museum Scientist lecture, Gainesville, FL. 1990: Elderhostel, UF Division of Continuing Education, Gainesville, FL. 1991: UF Faculty Mothers Club, Gainesville, FL; Alachua County Historical Society, Gainesville, FL; Florida Museum of Natural History, Collections Curiosities, Gainesville, FL; Community highlights television interview, WUFT, Gainesville, FL; Maine Things Considered, Maine public radio interview, Portland, ME. 1992: Northern Trust Banks, Naples, FL; Smithsonian National Museum Associates, Orlando, FL; Bahamas Historical Society, Nassau; Micanopy Historical Society; Tampa Public Radio, Florida First, Tampa, FL; Talbott Elementary School, combined third grade, Gainesville, FL; J.J. Finley Elementary School, primary enrichment program, Gainesville, FL; Daughters of the American Revolution, Gainesville, FL; Historical Museum of Southern Florida, Miami, FL; Brentwood School, Gainesville, FL; Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA; Holiday Luncheon, Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, FL. 1993: Sunrise Rotary Club, Gainesville, FL. 1994: Archaeological Institute of America, Gainesville, FL; Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, FL; Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. 1995: Saltraker Inn, Grand Turk; Kiwanis Club, Grand Turk. 1996: Saltraker Inn, Grand Turk; “Sin Rodeos,” TV program, Santiago, Dominican Republic; Sitio Chacuey Charla, Santiago, Dominican Republic; Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. 1997: Saltraker Inn, Grand Turk; Jamaica National Heritage Trust, Kingston; 1998: Turks Head Inn, Grand Turk; Conch Bar School, Middle Caicos; Mount Pleasant Guest House, Salt Cay; Unicorn Books, Providenciales; The Field Museum, Chicago; Bahamas National Trust & Bahamas Historical Society, Nassau.

Public Programs

“Rethinking Columbus,” Talking History Radio Program, Creighton University, broadcast on NPR stations, October 12, 1998.

Smithsonian Travel Programs, Transatlantic Crossing aboard S.Y. Sea Cloud, study leader, October 17-November 4, 1992.

Interview, “Dialog,” half-hour interview on Columbus and the Quincentenary, WUFT TV5, Gainesville, FL, May 10, 1992.

Rapporteur, “Lucaya Revisited” conference, meeting with Indigenous peoples (Kekchi Maya, Garifuna, Arawak, Kuna), Paradise Island, Bahamas, May 29-June 3, 1992.

Panelist, Center for Latin American Studies program, UF Looks at the Columbus Quincentenary, February 11, 1992.