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Lauren Gonzalez awarded SSB Grant!

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

TropaeolumCongratulations to Lauren Gonzalez who was recently awarded a Graduate Student Research Award from the Society of Systematic Biologists for her proposal titled “Elucidating the Evolutionary History of Tropaeolum (Tropaeolaceae): Implications for Historical Biogeography, Trait Evolution, and Conservation”


Tropaeolum (Tropaeolaceae) comprises ~ 90 species native to Central and South America that are distributed throughout the Andes, within a variety of different habitat types, including several biodiversity hotspots. They also show great variation in floral morphology (e.g. color, shape, size) and some species have been important cultivars around the world.  Because of its distribution and diversity, this genus represents an ideal system to study how geological and environmental processes have affected plant evolution in South America. The goals of this study are to resolve the phylogeny of Tropaeolum using a next-generation sequencing approach and subsequently explore biogeography, trait evolution, and conservation status.

Gainesville Sun covers Tree of Life

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Doug Soltis, a distinguished professor of botany at the University of Florida, is pictured with just a sample of recordings for the Tree of Life at Dickinson Hall on the UF campus on Oct. 9. Doug Finger/The Gainesville Sun

Doug and the lab were featured today on the front page of the Gainesville Sun!


Here’s the article:

UF team helps fulfill Darwin’s vision: Tree of Life contains the 2.3 million named species on Earth

Lab beach trip to St Augustine

Monday, October 12th, 2015

This weekend a lot of people from the lab headed over to Anastasia State Park near St. Augustine to enjoy some time on the beach. Thanks Miao for the photo!