Outreach Projects

  • Development of educational websites for the Tree of Life and the diversity of flowers
  • Development of a kiosk-style exhibit for natural history museums on the diversity of plants (in collaboration with the Peabody Museum, Yale)
  • Participation in Sensational Science
  • Consultant to Lincoln Middle School science teachers for development of “paleobotany garden” and molecular biology


Courses Taught

Bot 2710, Practical Plant Taxonomy (50%), alternate fall semesters (odd)
Bot 5725, Taxonomy of Vascular Plants (50%), alternate spring semesters (even)
PCB 6605, Principles of Systematics (33%), alternate spring semesters (odd)
Bot 6935, Molecular Systematics (50%), alternate fall semesters (even)
Bot 6936, Systematics Journal Club, every semester

Graduate Students

Rodrigo Vergara, Ph.D. Candidate
Email: rvergara69@hotmail.com
Genetic diversity and hybridization in Nothofagus