Giant Ants!

July 13th, 2015
By Grace, Kristen B

Last Tuesday two large-scale bronze ant sculptures were installed on the front lawn of the Florida Museum of Natural History. Each sculpture weighs 1,100 pounds and had to be forklifted from the delivery truck to the ground.

The sculptures came to the museum through a University of Florida program called Creative B. Each year the summer program features an artists work on campus, and this year the artist chosen is American artist Susan P. Cochran, who designed and executed the sculptures named X and O.

The sculptures will reside at the museum for a year and the artist encourages amusement and interaction with them. She states they are actually seats, calling them outdoor furniture. But if you choose to try them out, remember they are made of bronze and we are in the dead of summer in Florida. In other words, they get hot!

I’m always intrigued by people moving large, heavy items. It is exciting to watch and even more fun ¬†to photograph.

There was a good media turnout to cover the event and the Gainesville Sun produced a short video of the event:

Ants Go Marching



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