Behind the Scenes at the Florida Museum

Welcome to our blog space about the exhibits here at the Florida Museum. Whether we’re posting about existing exhibits, or discussing future developments, we hope to invite you behind the scenes into the world of our exhibits.

It takes a lot of research, creativity, and nuts and bolts planning to bring an exhibit to life. And it also takes a lot of work to maintain exhibits. There’s no manual out there, and we all learn from each other within our international museum community.

Discovery Zone Proposal

New Discovery Zone, Coming July 2017

Some exhibits like the Butterfly Rainforest are an ongoing endeavor. Despite the cost and effort involved, it is a powerful teaching tool to inspire visitors to learn more about the flora and fauna of ecosystems.

Other exhibits are just evolving, like our new Discovery Zone, a fun and educational space for kids up to 8 years old.

Opening July 17, 2017, the new Discovery Zone will include an area for infants and toddlers, and opportunities to explore, observe, study, play and pretend for the whole family. A vast array of awe-inspiring objects combined with engaging interactive activities and media resources are sure to foster a sense of wonder about our world.