Gaurav Vaidya

Email: gaurav[at]

Phyloreferencing project



Guanyang Zhang

Email: gyz151[at]

Phyloreferencing project




Graduate Students

DSC09783Rebecca L. Stubbs

Email: stubbsrl[at]

Evolution and biogeography of Micranthes (Saxifragaceae) Website



CodyCody Coyotee Howard

Email: cchoward[at]

Evolution and biogeography of Ledebouria (Asparagaceae) Website



Prabha2Prabha Amarasinghe

Email: pamarasinghe[at]

Evolution and Biogeography of Memecylon (Melastomataceae) Website



Rachel Riley

Rachel is joining our lab in August 2017! Stay tuned to learn about her project!





Undergraduate Students


Cody Myers

Email: myerscro811[at]

Cody is a University Scholars Program awardee and working with Andy Crowl on the evolution of Campanula erinus species complex



Brandon Corder

Email: border[at]

Brandon collaborates with Rebecca Stubbs on gathering genetic data for Micranthes