Courses Taught

ZOO 6927; GLY 6932; Special topics courses, including: PIRE Seminars, VP Research, and Broader Impacts of Science on Society
ZOO 6927; Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements in Ecology and Evolution

Graduate Students

Catalina Pimiento, Ph.D. Candidate, Biology
Systematics and paleobiology of late Cenozoic sharks from the Neotropics

Luis Patricio Soto, Ph. D. Candidate, Biology
Systematics and Paleobiology of late Cenozoic sharks from Chile

Sean Moran, M.S. Candidate, Geological Sciences
Microwear and isotopes of middle Miocene horses (Florida, Panama)

Lane Wallett, Ph.D. Veterinary Medicine (Co-chair with Paul Davenport)
Originas and incidence of lamnitis in horses, fossil and modern

Luz Helena, M. S., Journalism and Communications (Co-chair with Debbie Triese)
PIRE Outreach and communications