Volunteer Manager/ Research Assistant

As a lab technician, I assist with and supervise various projects we do here in the Kawahara lab. I also manage an amazing team of dedicated volunteers that help us achieve so many of our research goals. Some of the main projects I am focused on include creating, updating, and organizing the wing voucher and molecular collection and database, rearing luna moth (Actias luna) and Falco (Xylophanes falco) caterpillars for moth & bat interactions, and doing behavioral/mating experiments with adult luna moths. I also work in Jaret Daniel’s lab assisting with fieldwork surveying native milkweed in Florida.

My main interests are in the areas of conservation, and public outreach/education. Some of my past research has involved monitoring endangered shorebirds, and studying the monarch migration, both in southern New Jersey. I am still extremely passionate about monarchs, especially in a time when their migration is threatened by agricultural pesticide use, climate change, and loss of habitat. Please help out by planting some native milkweed! I feel that it’s not only important to study science and conduct research but to share and educate the general public in order to help make an impact in protecting wildlife and our planet.

I also manage my own art business and am usually painting pet portraits and creating animal artwork in my free time. You can check out my website here.