Lab coordinator/ Research assistant

As the lab coordinator, I manage the social media for the lab, coordinate volunteer work, organize lab outings and travel plans, and maintain greenhouses that hold host plants for caterpillar rearing. I also spend my time as a research assistant and have focused my research on geometric morphometrics in the Saturniidae family. While supervising prior high school student, Minjia Zhong, we were interested in how selection was acting on various wing types and if there is a specific wing type that is being favored and allowing for higher success rates – i.e. evading bat predation. I oversee other various projects in the lab that involve hawkmoth ultrasound experiments and luna moth mating experiments. In the past, I have assisted graduate students with field work in Hawaii and Peru, and have led a student trip in southern Arizona.

Additional past research has been focused on wildflower conservation on roadsides and backyard pollinator studies. More recently, I work as the taxon recovery assistant for a Disney conservation grant, which involves conserving at-risk butterflies in peninsular Florida and southern California. I aspire to continue my studies in the conservation field, and hope to focus on plant-insect interactions.