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Images of the Maya


About the Exhibit/Credits

IMAGES OF THE MAYA, a travelling exhibit of textiles and photographs, is produced by the Florida Museum of Natural History. Intricately woven and embroidered garments from Chiapas are exhibited with Jeffrey J. Foxx's award-winning photographs. Together these provide a rich visual portrayal of the daily and ceremonial life of the Maya of Mexico

The exhibit illustrates regional variation of garment styles and traces the influence of Classic Maya, Aztec and Spanish cultures on the textile styles of different localities. The text and interpretation of the woven symbols are based on the books by Walter J. Morris: Living Maya (1987) and A Millennium of Weaving in Chiapas (1984). The exhibit text is produced in English and Spanish.

Guest Curator and project director Laurie Wilkins; Co-curator Susan Milbrath.

Textiles in the exhibit are on loan from Sna Jolobil Weaving Cooperative, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

Photographs courtesy of Jeffrey J. Foxx.

Yaxchilán drawings from Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions, Vol. 3 (1977) by Ian Graham and Eric Von Euw.

Textile motifs based on drawings by Pedro Meza Meza.

Spanish translations by Marta Turok, AMACUP (Asociación Mexicana de Arte y Cultura Popular, A.C.) México D.F.

Consultants: Walter F. Morris, Jr., NaBolom A.C.; Pedro Meza Meza, Sna Jolobil Weaving Cooperative, S.C.; Marta Turok, AMACUP.

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The traveling exhibit, weavers' travel, instructional brochure and web site was funded by:

Fondo Nacional Para La Cultura Y Las Artes

Additional support was provided by:

Earth Bound

The U. S. Mexico Fund for Culture and Earth Bound, a Gainesville non-profit educational organization, sponsored the exhibit. Sponsors of the Weaver's visit and planned events are Florida Museum of Natural History, Earth Bound, Inc. The Mexican American Students Association (MASA), UF Transnational and Global Studies Center and Center for European Studies, Rural Women's Health Project, UF Latin American Studies, Alternatives of Gainesville, MADRE, and many individuals from the Gainesville community that facilitated and attended Earth Bound's fundraisers.