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Images of the Maya


"In the textiles of Chiapas, the Maya concepts of time, space, and the mythological forces of nature are interwoven. Through repeated cycles of birth and decline, conquest and revival, weaving has preserved the design of the Maya Universe."

Walter F. Morris in A Millennium of Weaving in Chiapas

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Images of the Maya features traditional woven textiles from the highlands of Chiapas. Jeffrey J. Foxx's award winning photographs place Maya textiles in the context of daily and ceremonial life. Together these provide a rich visual portrayal of the Maya living in Chiapas, Mexico.

To present another perspective, the museum is hosting a companion exhibit Pizcando Sueños (Havesting Dreams), developed by Rural Women's Health Project. Through a series of fotonovelas (photo novel - a medium that combines photos and text), Pizcando sueños relates the stories told by Florida's migrant farm-working women of their daily struggles for livelihood and dignity.

Sponsoring organizations: Florida Museum of Natural History, U.S. Mexico Fund for Culture, Sna Jolobil Weaving Cooperative, Earth Bound Inc., Mexican American Students Association (MASA), University of Florida Transnational and Global Studies Center, Rural Women's Health Project (RWHP), University of Florida Latin American Studies, Alternatives, and many individuals from the Gainesville community that volunteered and attended Earth Bound's fundraisers.