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The Lepidopterists' Society Season Summary is an annual compilation of Lepidoptera records from Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Each year our members submit information regarding range extensions, host plant associations, population dynamics, etc. Automated in 1995, the database contains all records since that time plus Saturniidae and Sphingidae records since 1971. In spite of a strict review policy, it is inevitable that the database will contain occasional errors. However, by using the database as a pointer system, the data can be valuable for the avocational collector planning a vacation as well as the professional conducting research of the highest order.

Search for records based on the following criteria:

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(You do not need to fill in all fields. Your search will be more specific by using the lowest level criteria option possible for Taxon Type and Location. As an example, to search for records of the sphingid Aellopos titan in Cameron County, Texas, enter only "titan" and "Cameron". If "None specified" is entered in Time Frame, the report generated by default will include all A. titan records for Cameron County. However, the Time Frame option allows the report to be further limited to only those Cameron County A. titan records for the selected month.)

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