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Latin American Collection

Outdoor Market, Cuzco, Peru

"Outdoor Market, Cuzco, Peru"
Photo by Roy C. Craven

Our Latin American collection includes over 300 works by indigenous peoples of Central and South America.
The core of this collection was assembled by Roy C. Craven Jr. and Robert P. Ebersole in the 1970s for an exhibition at the University Gallery called "Folk Arts and Crafts of the Andes." This temporary exhibit, sponsored by the University Gallery and the Center for Latin American Studies, featured 247 works of folk art and crafts from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, as well as a number of Roy Craven's photographs of artists, workshops, and indigenous markets.

Gourd carvers, Huancayo, Peru

"Gourd carvers, Huancayo, Peru"
Photo by Roy C. Craven

Two of the photos featured on this page include art works represented in our collection. These pieces were all documented in a catalogue published in 1978 (University Gallery Bulletin II, No. 1). The catalogue includes detailed entries for each object, as well as more general descriptions of the various folk art categories in the exhibition. These include sets of objects related by form and those related by medium, with the basic groupings as follows: hats, ceramics, wood products, ceremonial folk art, textiles, metal products, musical instruments, and baskets and vegetable fibers.
The collection is well documented in terms of specific provenience and date of manufacture. Most pieces were made in the mid 1970s, but few pieces are earlier, including a dance mask from Ecuador dating to 1950. This core collection of 539 ethnographic artifacts and 120 photos was accessioned in 2004 after being transferred to our museum from the Harn Museum Art (University of Florida).

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