The Journal of Caribbean Archaeology publishes original papers dealing with any aspect of archaeology in the Caribbean or surrounding areas in English, French, and Spanish.  JCA also publishes Special Numbers assembled by a guest Editor in consultation with the Editor.  All articles and Special Numbers are peer-reviewed with a minimum of three reviewers.  JCA also publishes Book Reviews solicited by our Book Review Editor.



Authors are solely responsible for the content of their submissions. They must insure the accuracy and correct attribution of quoted material, and must secure permission to use materials protected by U.S. or international copyright laws. Attribution for figures should be given within figure captions. Footnotes and endnotes should be avoided.  Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Caribbean Archaeology must not be under consideration by any other journal or publication medium, and must not have been previously published.

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically.  The text must be a Word document (to facilitate final formatting).  Tables, Figures, and other illustrative material should be separate from the text, and submitted as .xls, .jpg, or .tif files.  The approximate placement of these items should be noted in the text.  Do not submit a .pdf with imbedded figures.  Files that are too large to email can be submitted via any of the file sharing services.

References should be in the following format for articles, books, book chapters, and dissertations:

Keegan, William F. (1995). Modeling dispersal in the prehistoric West Indies.  World Archaeology 26: 400-420.

Keegan, William F. (2007).  Taino Indian Myth and Practice.  Gainesville: University Presses of Florida.

Keegan, William F. (1995).  Columbus was a cannibal:  Myths and the first encounters.  In The Lesser Antilles in the Age of European Expansion, edited by R. Paquette and S. Engerman, pp. 17-32.  Gainesville: University Presses of Florida.

Keegan, William F. (1985).  Dynamic Horticulturalists: Population Expansion in the Prehistoric Bahamas. Ph.D. dissertation, UCLA, Los Angeles.

For all other questions of style consult the style guide for Latin American Antiquity (on-line at

Receipt of manuscripts will be confirmed by the Editor and the manuscript will be sent to three reviewers selected by the Editor, in consultation with the Editorial Board when necessary.  Manuscripts usually are sent out within one week.  Reviewers are asked to complete their reviews in 30 days.  Following final acceptance the manuscript will be formatted and returned to the author for proofing.  When the proofs are returned, and any final corrections made, the article will be published on-line within one week.  The journal is only published on-line and is open access.

Manuscripts should be submitted in digital format to:

William F. Keegan
Florida Museum of Natural History