Concrete5: Introduction

Concrete5 is a content management system that runs portions of the Museum website. The videos below provide an overview of the Concrete5 interface and basic functionality. It is highly recommended you watch these videos to familiarize yourself with the application before moving on to other Concrete5 tutorials that will cover specific topics in-depth.

Videos on this page:

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Concrete5 - Logging In and Admin Dashboard Overview

How to log into Concrete5 for the Museum site and a brief overview of the Dashboard (admin) interface and toolbar. View this video first before starting other Museum Concrete5 tutorials.

 Topics covered:
0:00 - intro
0:25 - Log In link is in lower right corner of footer
0:38 - use UF VPN if on wireless or away from Museum
0:55 - make sure you are logging in to correct section
1:15 - log in with UF Gatorlink account
1:40 - white bar at top indicates you are logged in
1:57 - opening Dashboard admin screen
2:05 - main Dashboard view
2:25 - background image changes daily
2:52 - brief Sitemap overview
3:28 - moving through page list tree
3:18 - note: only pages in Concrete5 system will show here
3:35 - how to find pages based on their URL
3:53 - visiting a page from the Sitemap
4:18 - brief File Manager overview
5:11 - Dashboard navigation shortcuts
5:30 - top bar overview
5:43 - don't press Clear Cache button unless instructed to
6:15 - Sign Out button

Download overview instructions (PDF)