Macrobotanical Research at St. Catherine's Island

Principal Investigator: Donna Ruhl

envarch_macrobot.jpgThe St. Catherines Island archaeobotanical collection is among one of the largest well preserved plant collections for Spanish colonial remains in the Americas. In addition, its waterlogged component holds potential for ancient DNA research for a number of plant species. Ruhl is involved in two ongoing archaeobotanical projects at St. Catherines Island. The first is an assessment of best practice in archaeobotanical recovery methods (2008 and ongoing). Her second project, also ongoing, is identification and analysis of the carefully collected archaeobotanical remains from the St. Catherines Shell Ring site. In an earlier study of St. Catherines Island mission site macrobotany Ruhl documented the marked differences in the Georgia Bight plant landscape resulting from Old World-introduced domesticates and land-use practices.