View from Exterior Pole

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This is a live view of the two artificial bat roosts on the University of Florida campus across from Lake Alice on Museum Road. The Bat House, right, was constructed in 1991. The Bat Barn, left, was built in 2010. Bats may be viewed emerging from the structures after sunset from this webcam. During the day, bats may be viewed via a webcam inside the Bat Barn.


Best times for viewing:

Viewings are best on cloudy days, and are most spectacular during summer months. The bats normally emerge after sunset, before total darkness on calm, warm evenings when temperatures are above 65 degrees F.

Sunrise: 7:36:07 AM

Sunset: 6:53:55 PM

Not much happening right now?

View recorded videos of the bats preparing to leave the Bat Barn in the evening, the bats emerging at dusk, and activity inside the Bat House.