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Fort Mose Research Team

Kathleen Deagan

Kathleen Deagan Dr. Kathleen Deagan directed the Ft. Mose project and curated the Ft. Mose exhibit.

John Marron

John Marron John Marron, graduate student in anthropology and history, supervised the field work at Ft. Mose. (Marron on right, student Jean Massena on left)

Jane Landers

Jane Landers Dr. Jane Landers, Project Historian, discovered and studied documents related to Ft. Mose.

Bill Clark

Bill Clark Former State Representative Bill Clark, who spearheaded the efforts to study and acquire Ft. Mose.

Elizabeth Reitz

Elizabeth Reitz Dr. Elizabeth Reitz, Zooarchaeologist, reconstructs the Ft. Mose diet.

Margaret M. Scarry

Margaret M. Scarry Dr. Margaret M. Scarry, Archaeobotanist, studies plant remains from Ft. Mose.

Darcie MacMahon

Darcie MacMahon Ms. Darcie MacMahon was exhibit coordinator and assistant curator for the Ft. Mose exhibit. (MacMahon on left, Peggy Brunache, research assistant on right.)