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This study expands our previous work (especially subtribes Maxillariinae, Oncidiinae, Zygopetalinae, and Stanhopeinae) to the entire family.


This page is under construction and will eventually contain photos of a large number of species of Oncidiinae, but until then check out the Links to find other sites with photos and information on Oncidiinae. In addition, we should soon have up several hundred photos of species of Oncidiinae.

Our highly trained staff of orchidologists at the University of Florida. Left to right: Robert L. Dressler (now at the Lankester Botanical Garden in Costa Rica), Norris H. Williams (seated), and W. Mark Whitten. Photo by Lotte Skov.

The following is a list of the 62 genera we accept. The numbers refer to where the genus is found in Figs. 3-12a.

Aspasia Lindl. 10

Brassia R. Br. 10

Caluera Dodson & Determann not sampled

Capanemia Barb. Rodr. 11

Caucaea Schltr. 9

Centroglossa Barb Rodr. 5

Chytroglossa Rchb. f. not sampled

Cischweinfia Dressler & N.H. Williams 10

Comparettia Poepp. & Endl. 12

Cuitlauzina La Llave & Lex. 5

Cyrtochiloides N.H. Williams & M.W. Chase 9

Cyrtochilum Kunth 9

Eloyella P. Ortiz 6

Erycina Lindl. 10

Fernandezia Lindl. 6

Gomesa R. Br. 11

Grandiphyllum Docha Neto 5

Hintonella Ames 6

Hofmeisterella Rchb. f. 6

Ionopsis Kunth 12

Leochilus Knowles & Westc. 12

Lockhartia Hook. 5

Macradenia R. Br. 12

Macroclinium Barb. Rodr. 12

Miltonia Lindl. 10

Miltoniopsis God.-Leb. 9

Nohawilliamsia M.W. Chase & Whitten 11

Notylia Lindl. 12

Notyliopsis P. Ortiz 11

Oliveriana Rchb.f. 10

Oncidium Sw. 7,8

Ornithocephalus Hook. 6

Otoglossum (Schltr.) Garay & Dunst. 9

Phymatidium Lindl. 6

Platyrhiza Barb. Rodr. not sampled

Plectrophora H. Focke 12

Polyotidium Garay 12

Psychopsiella Lückel & Braem 5

Psychopsis Raf. 5

Pterostemma Kraenzl. 12

Rauhiella Pabst & Braga not sampled

Rhynchostele Rchb.f. 10

Rodriguezia Ruiz & Pav. 12

Rossioglossum (Schltr.) Garay & G.C. Kenn. 5

Saundersia Rchb.f. 5

Schunkea Senghas 12

Seegeriella Senghas 12

Solenidium Lindl. 11

Suarezia Dodson not sampled

Sutrina Lindl. not sampled

Systeloglossum Schltr. 10

Telipogon Kunth 6

Thysanoglossa Porto & Brade not sampled

Tolumnia Raf. 11

Trichocentrum Poepp. & Endl. 5

Trichoceros Kunth 6

Trichopilia Lindl. 5

Trizeuxis Lindl. 12

Vitekorchis Romowicz & Szlach. 7

Warmingia Rchb.f. 12

Zelenkoa M.W. Chase & N.H. Williams 11

Zygostates Lindl. 6

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